The Lye Saga
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Story Four:

Comment: so far the only story with a plot. I like this one

Jennifer sat down at the computer, she had just been on icq with rob. "You should write a camp roshihater 2" we're his specific word. Jennifer knew she wasn't a good write, but if one person thought she should finish the story, maybe she should. She let out a deep sigh, and began.

Vegeta's trouble's

When Bulma had finally fallen asleep, Vegeta went to the nearest cabin of little brats, and tied a long metal pole to it. Of course it was still thundering and lightening out, and the cabin was struck. But what Vegeta didn't know, was that this was Lye's cabin, and her being a demon, she doesn't sleep lightly, and she didn't seem to notice the cabin flaming all around her... But Gohan sure did.... He rushed right in, to find his worst enemy, asleep in the middle of a flaming cabin, now he was struck with the question, to save, or not to save her....

I guess Goku's soft heart must have gotten to him, cuz he jumped right in, knocking down the door. He scooped up the unconscious demon, and flew out of there, while Vegeta watched and laughed to himself The remaining campers, and everyone else, crowded around the demons limp body.

"Someone has to give her CPR" Chi Chi the smartest in the world decided.
Vegeta ?phed' and Bulma mistook it for a offer.
"Oh Veggie-chan... your so sweet"
"Why the hell do I have to give the bitch CPR?" Vegeta grumbled.
"Just do it" Bulma shouted, as she pushed Vegeta. He stumbled and fell down beside Lye. He looked her over, then looked helplessly at Bulma, who glared at him.
He plugged the demon's nose, and bent over, as soon as his lips touched her, her eyes shot open. Before Vegeta had a chance to back away, Lye grabbed the back of his head, and gave him a long passionate kiss. When she was done with him, she let go. Vegeta stood up. Lye smiled and winked at him, as he prepared a ki blast to fire at her. Lye shook her finger, and before he had a chance to fire, she disappeared.

"What the fuck!" Gohan shouted, "this is a fucked up little island, I'm outta here." Everyone else nodded. Especially Vegeta, and they all flew off to their own homes, except kind beautiful, lovable Chi Chi, who took the remaining campers home.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, on a little cloud, Lye sighed with happiness, and gazed at Vegeta, as he flew off, with Bulma in his arms, Lye lingered after him, making sure to stay out of sight.

That night, at Capsule Corp, bulma and Vegeta were sleeping restfully, when Lye crept in though the window. With the silence of a cat, she placed an invisible spell on Bulma, and took her place on the bed beside Vegeta.

Vegeta had had an awful nightmare, that Bulma had turned into Lye on their wedding day, just as he said "I do"a nd they were married forever. He awoke with a start. He had to look beside him to make sure Bulma was still there, but when he did, all he saw was a mess of orangy yellow hair.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted as loud as he could.
This woke Lye, "What's wrong Veggie -chan?" she asked in a ditsy bitch little voice

"You're... not.... Bulma " Was all he could manage to say over his anger.
"Of course not sweet cheeks." she winked again. Vegenta winced.
"Where is she?"
"Who?" Lye cocked her head to one side, and gazed at him.
"Bulma!" he hissed.
Meanwhile, Bulma is watching this whole thing go on, of course Lye can see and hear her, but Vegeta can't.
I'm here!" she shouted over and over again. She walked up to Lye, and realized something very important. She could touch solid objects. She gave a sharp kick in the shin.
"Shit!" Lye shouted, and she looked over at bulma.
Bulma almost was afraid, when those demon eyes gazed at her.
But soon her attention was back to Vegeta. "Vegeta! I'm here!" she shouted over and over again. She picked up a piece of paper off the desk, and wrote a note, she walked over to Vegeta and held it up.
"Vegeta... It's Bulma, I think the demon bitch turned me invisible, so don't kill her, or I'll never get normal. "
Vegeta waved at the air in front of him, His hand then slapped Bulma right upside the head, she fell to the ground with a thud.
"Bulma!" he shouted worriedly, but when he ran towards where she fell, he stepped on her. He levitated in the air, and looked own at the ground, blood was soaking the carpet, coming from no where.
"Shit" he thought, he looked at Lye, she was realizing that her little game was getting serious, but she didn't seem to care.
"Change her back" Vegeta growled.
Lye shook her head.
"NOW!!!!" he powered up to super saiyan, Lye started to shake. She pointed at the ground, Bulma returned to normal (beside the fact that she was bleeding from every crevice on her head.) And Lye, fearfully flew away.
Vegeta bent over, and picked Bulma up, but by the time he flew her to the hospital, it was too late, Bulma was dead.
"A real saiyan never cries, a real saiyan never cries" Vegeta kept reciting this in his head over and over, but it was useless, the proud saiyan bowed his head, and wept.

Lye flew, she sensed that Bulma's life source (her word for ki) was gone. Tears came to her eyes, she had never killed people before.. Then she thought again, she had killed a shit load of people, but she never felt this bad. The only person she could think of to talk to was Goku. He wasn't dead anymore of course (cuz otherwise Jen's story wouldn't turn out the way she wants it) She flew to his house.
Chi Chi answered the door. Rather rudely, but she eventually told Lye where Goku was. He was out in the forest with Gohan. Lye didn't feel like talking to Gohan, she didn't feel like talking to the wonderful and elegant Chi Chi either, but she still did, so she flew to the forest. When she saw goku and Gohan sparring, she dropped to the ground, and snuck up on them.Right after Goku had knocked Gohan on the ground, Lye tapped him lightly on the shoulder. Goku spun violently, and got into fighting stance. Lye waved innocently.
"Oh! Hi Lye!" he said in his stupid voice, with his stupid little grin spread across his stupid face.
"I need help" Lye said without a smile. Goku nodded, and listened to Lye's story without interrupting.
Finally, when she was done, he spoke
"Ha! That's easy, just with Bulma back with the dragonballs"
"What happened to Bulma?"Gohan asked, approaching them.
"Oh, Vegeta killed her." Goku said matter-of-factly.
Gohan looked confused, so Goku explained.
When Goku was done Gohan smiled, "well I guess I'll help you find the dragonballs."
"Me too!" goku said!
"Us too!" Trunks and Goten popped up from behind a bush and waved.
"Why are you all helping me?" Lye asked, "after I was such a bitch?"
"You know what," Trunks said, "I don't know."
" I know why!" Goku said, "it's cuz you have a pure heart! I can tell watch....NIMBUS!!!!!" Just then Nimbus flew up. "Climb up." He said to Lye. Lye just looked at them. Everyone nodded, and watched in awe as Lye climbed onto Nimbus with out falling. So they all flew off, found the dragonballs (Trunks had the radar) and wished Bulma back to life.

Jennifer leaned back in her chair, and stared at her completed story, contemplating weather or not to write "the end"
"No.." she thought to herself, "it's never the end"